Ivan Volchenskov

NewArc ai


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Speeding Up the Design Process With AI

The Talk:

In the evolving landscape of design, AI is emerging not as a threat but as a powerful ally. Through vivid examples, witness the transformative journey from sketches to stunning visuals. Discover practical use cases where AI is accelerating the creative process and expanding the imagination.

Learn actionable steps to seamlessly integrate AI tools into your workflow and unleash a new dimension of creativity.


The Speaker:

Ivan Volchenskov is a seasoned IT entrepreneur. Currently at the helm of NewArc.ai, Ivan and his team are revolutionising the design industry. Their innovative tool empowers designers to transform sketches into stunning visuals, streamlining creativity and minimising tedious work. Passionate about the transformative changes in design, Ivan is dedicated to driving positive change in the industry.

NewArc ai uses the power of AI to create stunning visuals from simple sketches – from footwear design to architecture, there’s a generated visualisation style to fit.NewArc ai