Guy Alroy


VP of Product
Design Viz //
Visualisation in next generation apparel design

Optitex, will be providing the customer view, explaining why they added this visualisation technology, how it works in their product, what it’s brought to their customers – in terms of their design, prototyping and manufacturing process – and how they think visualisation and other technology developments will alter apparel manufacture and future fashion trends.

Digitizing the Core Product of the $1.3T Fashion Industry, Optitex develops a suite of products, that enable the creation, simulation, realistic rendering and manufacturing of garments in 3D. Optitex serves globally the leading fashion brands in delivering garments and accessories from vision to manufacturing with less physical samples, better quality and faster design innovation. I lead the product team, where we innovate & define, together with our valued customers & prospects, a suite of solutions, from 2D through 3D to cloud/SaaS based offerings, all geared towards simplifying the design and collaboration, as well as the leveraging of 3D content throughout the overall lifecycle of a garment product.