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Innovation in 3D Printing is Now More About the Bottom Line Value

3D printing has for many years helped speed innovation across multiple industries with prototyping and modeling. With the ability now to print strong, precise parts, manufacturers are uncovering unprecedented gains – eliminating inefficiencies in production line turnover and speeding time to market for new products. Strong, lightweight and functional tooling as well as working prototypes can be printed within a day rather than weeks, and at a much lower cost than traditional machining. With 3D printing moving out of engineering labs and further towards production, customers expect more quality, less waste, better monitoring, and software controls, and more economic benefit from their printers.

Join Greg Mark, CEO and founder of Markforged who will discuss the value manufacturers gain from same-day engineering-strength prints made of both carbon fiber and metal, as well as the importance of in-process, closed loop inspection.  He will share examples of the significant bottom line cost and time savings gained by Markforged customers.

Greg Mark is an aerospace engineer and three-time entrepreneur. After getting a getting a B.S. and M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, he started and sold two companies, including Aeromotions – where he designed and manufactured high-performance, computer-controlled composite race car wings.  Greg understood the challenges of manufacturing composites and in 2013 he founded Markforged, which introduced the world’s first and only new process to 3D print composite structures that include continuous carbon fiber.  As the CEO of Markforged, Greg has led the company to rapid worldwide growth.