Grant Riley

Think Refine

Founder, Design Engineer
Product Development //
Designing A More Independent Internet Of Things

Grant Riley is the Founder and Lead Designer at design agency Think Refine. Grant has worked in the design industry for almost a decade: taking products from sketch to manufacture across a number of industries; from consumer electronics to art installations. He joins the conference this year to discuss the design and manufacture of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Grant holds a bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Nottingham Trent University.

Talk Synopsis: The story of how we designed a more sustainable IoT product for remote locations — describing the entire process: from sketch to compliance testing, certification, final assembly and shipping.

Points to be touched upon:

  • We were approached by a software company to design and manufacture a unique IoT product

  • The IoT device is a fully customisable ‘order button’ — which users can re-program online

  • We managed the complete product design and electronics engineering project — from design brief to first batch of working prototypes in 6 weeks

  • Unlike many IoT applications, our device does not rely on WiFi, 4G or even 3G

  • No set-up required, it is rechargeable and easy to disassemble

  • Aimed at the B2B market