Franck Mouriaux

RUAG Space

General Manager of the Product Unit Structures
Product Development //
Additive Manufacturing for space applications

Industry and in particular space industry are evolving at a fast pace and new technologies are changing the game. Additive manufacturing is disrupting the way products are designed and produced. Space is getting more accessible and is becoming the place offering new business opportunities. It requires new products able to fulfil the new technical, economical and programmatic challenges. This presentation shows how AM combined with other new technologies can be used to develop a new generation of products for space application.

Franck Mouriaux is the General Manager of the Product Unit Structures for RUAG Space, a leading supplier of products for the institutional and commercial space markets in Europe and the USA. Franck oversees the development, engineering, production, materials, and processing for international satellite structures and components. With over 15 years of experience in the space industry, Franck has contributed to the development of several successful projects through his career.

Having earned a Master’s Degree in Space and Aerospace from IPSA in France in 1995, Franck joined Alcatel Space in 1997 as a Mechanical Engineer. He moved to Switzerland in 2000 and started in RUAG as Analysis Responsible until 2005. Then Franck served as System Engineer leading the development of satellite and launcher structures for several ESA missions. In 2010, Franck became the Manager of the Mechanical Analysis Department of the Product Unit Structures and in 2012 he became the Manager for Engineering and Development talking also the responsibility of the R&D activities. Since January 2015, Franck is the General Manager of the Product Structures for RUAG Space Switzerland.

Franck initiated the development of additive manufacturing activities in RUAG Space and ran various internal research projects. Recently, he and his team successfully redesigned several spacecraft components, amongst them the support of the antenna for the Sentinel-1 spacecraft, which is one of the largest 3d printed part for space application. Franck is currently managing additive manufacturing related projects for main prime contractors and for the European Space Agency with the objective to demonstrate the potential of the technology for space application and accelerate the adoption.

An accomplished speaker and the author of numerous publications, Franck’s most recent published work is Topology Optimisation of Tertiary Structures and Mass Savings for Satellite Structures, where is shared his futuristic vision of spacecraft featuring additive manufacturing technology.