Dimitris Katsanis

Metron AE


Product Development //
'Can you make it cheaper?' We can make it better - with 3D printing!

Talk Abstract:
Metron A.E. started as a design consultancy with an eye into the future and keen interest into new technologies.

Initially involved in the design carbon fibre parts – most famously the GB bikes of the past four Olympic Games – we have since branched-out into metals 3D printing.

A classic question from potential customers is: “We are making this part using ‘X’ manufacturing process.  Can you make it cheaper with 3D printing?” Maybe not, but we can make it better.

Better means different things to different people: At the current stage of the art of 3D printing, the product has to have some added value to make it viable for the technique. Better can come from unique design features, weight reduction, aerodynamics, mass customisation, previously impossible geometries, speed of delivery, etc.

This is an insight of the reasons of why Metron choose to go the 3D printing way, as well as the triumphs and turbulence along the way.

Dimitris Katsanis is founder and CEO of Metron A.E. a company based in Derbyshire, specialising in metal 3D printing, design and consultancy.

Born in Athens, Greece, holds a BEng in Composites Engineering from Plymouth University and a MBA from Manchester University.

As an engineer he has worked on aircraft wings, F1 parts, armoured helicopter seats, printing machines, skeleton bobsledges, Olympic and Tour de France winning bicycles and much more.

Katsanis established Metron A.E. in 1996 and runs it in its current form since 2009, guiding the company to implement 3D Printing as a core manufacturing process.