Cristina Sesma


Group Marketing Manager
Future Fabrication //
Digital MFG Panel


Cristina Sesma is the Group Marketing Manager at Photocentric Ltd, a British manufacturer of automation software, photopolymer resins, 3D printers and production parts. Photocentric has a vision to transform mass manufacturing by using Liquid Crystal Display 3D printing.

Previously, Ms Sesma was Head of Marketing at MachineWorks Ltd where she led the launch of polygon-mesh modelling toolkit Polygonica into the additive manufacturing market. Polygonica provided 3D printers and CAD/CAM/CAE manufacturers with tools to automate the software preparation process for 3D printing.

Ms Sesma is passionate about sustainable manufacturing and has been working in international marketing for high-tech engineering companies over the last two decades. She loves being part of the Women in 3D Printing community and shares their mission to close the gender-gap, creating a more inclusive additive manufacturing industry.