Christopher Murray

Unreal/ Epic Games

Technical Marketing Manager
Design Viz //
Beyond Games: Unreal Engine for Design Visualization

Unreal Engine has been quickly adopted by enterprises for a huge range of projects across automotive, aviation, architecture, consumer electronics and complex data visualization. Join us in the VR track to see how Unreal Engine is being used to create believable VR experiences for Product Development, get a glimpse of the Unreal roadmap and learn more about how the Unreal Engine Enterprise team is helping developers like you get the most out of the amazing capabilities of Unreal Engine.

Chris Murray is an experienced 3D artist/animator and creative technologist. His daily role includes technical evangelism for the Unreal Engine in the Enterprise Division of Epic Games. He is the former Technical Marketing Manager for Autodesk’s 3ds Max animation software. He has created digital 3D content for clients such as, Walt Disney Attractions, Johnson & Johnson, CanonUSA, ABC television, Nickelodeon, and Sega. Murray has maintained a career-long relationship with learning. He was research associate at the Insitute for Simulation and Training – Media Convergence Lab at the University of Central Florida and was a department chair in Digital Production at Full Sail University. Chris is an experienced presenter, Youtube personality, and book author (Mastering 3D Studio Max, Sybex) He holds an MFA in computer animation. Follow Chris on Twitter @chrismmurray or on his Youtube channel “3dsmaxtrainer”.