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How does KeyShot fit into our workflow


Astheimer Design is a design consultancy focused on developing mobility solutions for a sustainable future, working with OEMs and Startups alike, from initial concepts through to production.

The product development process is iterative, and the ability to visualise the state of play of CAD models in all phases of the process, quickly and effectively, helps decision making both in house and with the client. KeyShot is a great software to get very quick illustrations of the design intent for decision making purposes. We use this software across a broad range of projects throught the product development process.


Founder and Creative Director of Astheimer Design, an automotive design studio developing mobility solutions for a sustainable future, offering a service from the initial concept to fully road legal functional prototypes.

Our values have helped us develop long term collaborative relationships with our clients, including Volta, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Nissan, Airstream and Caterpillar.

Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and in Transportation Design from the Art Centre, work experience in California for Volkswagen, leading a studio at Pininfarina in Italy, and then as Design Director for the Brunswick Boat Group in the US.