Carsten Asteheimer

Astheimer Design

Keynote Speaker //
Designing Mobility

The Talk:

The Mobility Industry is undergoing a fundamental change as we move into an electric age, and this change brings with it both challenges and opportunities. The Astheimer Design studio which is focused on the development of sustainable mobility solutions, has been lucky enough to be involved in some groundbreaking projects, and continues to push boundaries.

The insights from these projects and experiences, and the variety of sectors that Astheimer Design works in across mobility, including passenger vehicles, commercial, marine and air, have given the team an understanding of the market and future trends, and some clear thoughts on what design can do for a more sustainable future in mobility.

The Speaker:

Founder and Creative Director of Astheimer Design, an automotive design studio developing mobility solutions for a sustainable future, offering a service from the initial concept to fully road legal functional prototypes.

Our values have helped us develop long term collaborative relationships with our clients, including Volta, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Nissan, Airstream and Caterpillar.

His first work experience was in California for Volkswagen, followed by 15 years in Turin, Italy, leading one of the studios at Pininfarina, and then as Design Director for the Brunswick Boat Group, with brands including Sealine, Hatteras, Sea Ray, Boston Whaler and Mercury.