Bradley Rothenberg

nTopology inc.

Co-Founder & CEO
Additive Manufacturing //
From features to functions, building generative design tools

Talk Abstract:
When every CAD operation is a function, stateless, defined by an operation that with the same set of inputs will produce the same output a generative design process / workflow can be packaged into a clear, shareable pipeline. Spurred by a revolution in manufacturing, there is now a need for a more general modelling framework that includes functionality that would normally exist within CAM or CAE. Additionally, new data types are also necessary to build generative design tools.

Bradley Rothenberg is the CEO & founder of nTopology, a startup developing Generative-Functional CAD software based in New York City. Prior to founding nTopology, Bradley graduated with honors studying Architecture at Pratt University in Brooklyn, New York. Brad has been developing computational design tools for advanced manufacturing for 10+ years.