Bradley Rothenberg

nTopology inc.

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Design without boundaries

Talk Abstract:
Advanced manufacturing unlocks a whole new realm for design possibility with the ability to make complex, spatially varying structures such as complex lattices that blend from structure to surface.

A new modelling technology – implicit modelling – opens up an entire new realm for design possibility: the ability to control design structures that would be far too complex to draw.

Bradley Rothenberg is the founder and CEO of nTopology, an advanced software company based in New York City that focuses on enabling engineers to design, manufacture and ship high-performance products in the least amount of time.

nTopology’s breakthrough computational-modelling technology unifies geometry and simulation results into finely tuned manufacturing models, supporting engineers as they collaborate to develop lightweight, optimised parts with functional requirements built right in.

Bradley studied architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and has been developing computational design tools for advanced manufacturing for the last 10-plus years.