Benjamin Redford


CPO & Founder
Main Stage //
Tech Preview

The Talk:

This presentation dives into the impact of the Multiplier, a cutting-edge desktop pressure former for precision plastic fabrication. We’ll dissect the technology, highlighting how it achieves intricate details and consistent results, making it versatile across industries.

Discover how the Multiplier lets you create customised solutions that meet your exact needs, using various thermoplastic materials without compromising precision.

Real-world stories from users who’ve benefited from the Multiplier will provide practical insights. We’ll also touch on ongoing innovation in this field.

If precision in engineering and design matters to you, join us to explore the Multiplier’s role in shaping the future of plastic fabrication.

The Speaker:

Benjamin Redford, cofounder and CPO of Mayku, has a diverse background. He started his career at 16 at Saatchi and Saatchi, later shifting gears to study design and architecture. During his tenure at Mint Digital, he successfully navigated the early world of crowdfunding and oversaw the exit of one of their first in-house developed products.

Benjamin’s inspiration for Mayku came from his visits to large scale factories in China, prompting him to question why machines couldn’t be made smaller for localised production. Seven years later he runs Mayku with business partner Alex Smilanksy driving their vision of accessible production tools forward.

Mayku Multiplier with user