Ben Widdowson

Siemens Lightworks

Marketing Manager
Design Viz //
How Automotive Designers Are Blending Physical And Virtual Workflows

Talk Synopsis:

With the growing adoption of game engines for high-end visualisation, design teams from the automotive, industrial, marine and aerospace sectors face the growing challenge of preparing their data for real-time use cases.

The increase in popularity of immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality place further constraints on the data prep process and additional pressures on the designer’s time.

Slipstream from Siemens is a solution for automating all of the manual data prep tasks saving time and enabling designers to focus on their specialist work.


Ben has a background in design engineering and 3D visualisation and understands the importance of finding the right solution for the job.

Having worked in the high-end visualisation tech sector for Lightworks and now Siemens, he is particularly interested in seeing how design workflows are changing to adapt to emerging immersive technologies.