Ben Widdowson


Pre Sales Consultant
Design Viz //

Visualisation software development and integration specialists Lightworks will be joined by their customer Optitex to explain how photorealistic rendering technology is changing apparel design and manufacture. Lightworks, who integrate Iray®+, into systems, workflows and end-user applications will provide an insight into the new and exciting ways the technology is being used across different sectors and scenarios; including the integration of photorealistic rendering into Optitex’s 3D Product Creation Suite.

Optitex, will be providing the customer view, explaining why they added this visualisation technology, how it works in their product, what it’s brought to their customers – in terms of their design, prototyping and manufacturing process – and how they think visualisation and other technology developments will alter apparel manufacture and future fashion trends.
Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation.

Ben has a background in design engineering and 3D visualisation and understands the importance of finding the right solution for the job, whether that be for design review, material change or manufacturing specifications. Having previously worked in furniture design, and with a degree in industrial design, he is particularly interested in seeing how design applications are changing to meet more demanding simulation and visualisation requirements across all design areas.