Adam Roberts


Research Engineer
Additive Manufacturing //
Digital Twins In Manufacturing Process Chains

Talk Abstract:

By linking virtual models and simulations to physical assets to facilitate data transfer between the two, it is becoming increasingly possible to create a ‘digital twin’ of parts, processes, machines, and facilities.

This will enable process chains to be rapidly optimised in a risk-free and cost-effective manner, and will also help improve part quality by tailoring downstream operations, such as inspection and finishing, to meet the requirements of individual components.

The focus of this presentation is on developing and using digital twins in metal additive and other manufacturing process chains. By covering a range of subjects, from optimising the additive manufacturing process chain of a given part, to monitoring and predicting the climate within a factory, it is hoped that the value of digital twins and virtual manufacturing, including simulation, data analytics, and connectivity, will be demonstrated.


Adam has been in the Physics Modelling team at the MTC since September 2017, working mainly on the simulation aspects of additive manufacturing projects.

Before joining he studied physics at the University of Exeter, and then completed a PhD in mechanical engineering at Bournemouth University.

Most of the simulation experience he gained at university was in fluid flow, however since joining the MTC he has focused more on structural and thermal problems such as the manufacture and performance of metal and polymer additive parts.