Theorem Solutions

Stand: A13/A14
Gold sponsor

Theorem Solutions D3D Live show entry 2020
Theorem Solution’s many years of experience in optimizing 3D CAD data has led to the creation of a
range of use-case focused solutions that enable some of the world’s largest engineering and
manufacturing organisations to utilize their existing 3D assets on Augmented, Mixed or Virtual
Reality devices- Theorem XR.

The Theorem XR suite allows engineers and designers to experience their 3D data spatially, and
perform everyday tasks. The collaboration functionality connects users from around the world and
enables teams, either remotely or locally, to work together in a single session. Uniquely to Theorem
XR, users can work in both MR and VR within the same session, so a number of different devices can
be used at the same time.

Theorem are experts at working with 3D data and working with it in innovative XR technologies is no
exception. The Theorem XR experiences are underpinned by our Visualization Pipeline- a server-
based technology that enables fast, efficient, flexible, and automated processing of all 3D CAD and
visualization data.

Theorem XR is an out-of-the-box ready software product that is device and data neutral. This
approach means that there is no need to hesitate to join in the digital revolution- we can work with
any device, right now.

We are back at D3D Live as a Gold sponsor and we’ll be demonstrating the Theorem XR range at
stands A13/A14 in the Octagon exhibition space, where you will be able to try out the experiences
on a number of devices, including a HoloLens 2, and experience the technology for yourself.

If you’re unable to attend, but still want to know more, visit

Unlock the power of your 3D data with Theorem XR!