Solid Print3D

Stand: A20
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3D Print – Formlabs Fuse 1

The world of production 3D printing is changing. No longer expensive, difficult to use and reserved only for specialists in OEM’s. This technology is now affordable for every business, and easy for every engineer to implement. Chat with us on stand A20 to understand how this technology could be used within your business.


3D Scan – Peel3D

Accurate, easy to use reverse engineering with 3D scanning has never been more accessible and with the ability to get information into a CAD system fast, engineers have new ways of capturing data. Speak with to have a demo of 3d scanning, and how we can bring the data through into a CAD system to make it useable within minutes.


Solid Print are part of the Solid Solutions Group. We have experts for every area of “3D”. From Scanning, CAD, CAM, Simulation, PLM, 3D Printing & CNC, our goal is to help you Reinvent Manufacturing.