Siemens PLM Software

Stand: A5/A6
Gold sponsor

Siemens will highlight some of the key trends in today’s design technology along with real-life
examples of how the company can assist in overcoming challenges in the world of engineering. A
challenge of focus is the skills gap in engineering between education and industry; on the main stage
Dan Staples explores this challenge, from technology gaps to gender gap, and looks at real-life
stories of progress.

On the Siemens PLM Software stand you can find out more about supporting engineering in
academia, and “beyond the classroom” in how digitalization can transform your business. Learn
more about the value of the Digital Enterprise enabling Siemens customers to create better, more
innovative products, faster. The full suite of product lifecycle management tools, various computer
aided design solutions with generative design, synchronous technology and efficiency improving
functionality, computer aided machining software with both removal techniques as well as additive
manufacturing, engineering solutions for the analysis of stress, flow, heat dynamics, etc., software
and application lifecycle management software, manufacturing operations management, production
planning and manufacturing simulation and planning tools, and much more…