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Shapr3D is the leading mobile CAD tool built for the power and precision of the iPad and Apple
Pencil. The app aims to disrupt the legacy CAD software industry by making professional, mobile-first
3D modeling possible. Shapr3D combines revolutionary direct modeling, an intuitive interface, and
the flexibility of a tablet and stylus setup to upgrade the way designers and engineers think and work
in 3D.

The manufacture-grade 3D modeling tool includes a complete direct modeling feature set powered
by industry standard Siemens Parasolid and DSquared technology. It runs locally on a tablet and
works without an internet connection, desktop or keyboard, providing a professional solution for
remote modeling work at home, in meeting rooms and manufacturing facilities, or while traveling.

Compatibility with all major CAD software allows professionals to easily integrate it into their
existing modeling workflow while taking advantage of the app’s stylus-driven modeling environment
and portability.

Shapr3D’s intuitive interface and smart use of Apple Pencil lend themselves to rapid prototyping and
product concepting and allow users to master the app’s features and modeling toolset in a relatively
short amount of time.

Founded in 2014, the first two versions of Shapr3D were bootstrapped by a team of three engineers,
built with finger touch navigation before Apple Pencils were available.

The first public version released on the App Store in March 2016 included the stylus-driven UX for
enhanced precision and was immediately featured on the iPad Pro product page. By the 3.0 release
in 2017, the team had partnered with Siemens to become the first mobile CAD system to run on

Since its public release, Shapr3D has been repeatedly featured on the front page of the App Store
and in numerous Apple iPad Pro commercials. Today, hundreds of thousands of users around the
world use Shapr3D to model anywhere on a natural interface, integrating 3D visualization deeply
into their creative workflows.

App users include beginners and professionals from diverse industries, including engineering,
industrial design, architecture, jewelry making and woodworking. With 13k+ reviews and a 4.7-star
rating, it is now the highest-rated CAD app in the AppStore.

A $1.3M seed round by Lifeline Ventures and InReach Ventures in 2017 was followed by a $6M
Series A funding round in September 2019 led by Point9 Capital and Creandum.

This year, founder and CEO Istvan Csanady will be a featured speaker at DevelopLive3D!, taking the
stage to tell the story behind Shapr3D and share his passion for customer-centric innovation.