Reality Zero One

Stand: 52

Reality Zero One (R01) is a new company with a mission to revolutionise the world of 3D reality
capture. Our first product, the Clone One is a professional grade 3D scanning solution with
integrated turntable, neutral backdrop, polarised lighting and camera. 3D scanning is effortless, with
automated image capture and cloud-based photogrammetry reconstruction, converting your
physical object to ‘studio-quality’ digital 3D model in minutes. We optimise our 3D outputs for digital
and virtual applications with user selectable levels-of-detail and texture-map resolutions. We service
multiple user sectors, including: games development, digital creative production, education,
heritage, physical and digital ‘makers’, commercial and antique art.

R01 offers 3D scanning services from its London based studio. The Clone One is the ideal investment
for private enterprise use and also for operation within open-access 3D scan-service centres.
Reseller opportunities, corporate partnerships and other collaborations are available.

Please swing by stand 52 for a chat, or drop us a line at [email protected] ahead of the
exhibition to set up a time to meet.