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Having manufactured computer components for over 30 years, PNY has a heritage in providing designers, engineers, researchers and visualisation clients with solutions that include Nvidia Quadro, Tesla and mobile workstation series PREVAILPRO.

The Nvidia Quadro-based graphics boards are certified for all major CAD/CAM and DCC applications and, according the PNY, deliver unmatched power to maximise productivity.

The Nvidia Tesla-based GPU computing solutions are designed from the ground up for high performance computing (HPC) and for true virtual hardware acceleration with GPUs (Nvidia GRID).

From GPU modules to fully certified servers, PNY claims it can supply the full spectrum of solutions. The PNY PREVAILPRO mobile workstation is a compact and scaleable solution for the most demanding users.

Configurable with NVIDIA Quadro P3000 or P4000, the device offers different options for storage, memory and screen resolution.