Origin Engineering Solutions


Stand: A18

Origin Engineering is a software VAR focused on Design and Simulation for the manufacturing industry. We provide tools that have a high return on investment and a low total cost of ownership to give maximum value to our customers. We believe that utilising simulation early in the product development process provides opportunities for organisations to speed up product development, reduce costs and improve the quality of products being manufactured.

Working alongside Altair we work with the Inspire product portfolio, which allows Manufacturing Engineers to simulate various manufacturing processes to eliminate defects and failed production runs through its intuitive interface and simple workflows.

The Inspire portfolio provides support for 3D printing, Casting, Injection Moulding and Metal Forming. Inspire Print3D accelerates the creation, optimization, and study of innovative, structurally efficient 3D-printed parts, providing a fast and accurate toolset which simplifies the identification and correction of potential deformation, delamination and excessive heating issues before building a part.