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Onshape is a next-generation cloud design platform that speeds up product
development. It’s an all-in-one system that combines CAD, release management,
workflow, real-time collaboration tools, and an API with more than 50 engineering
applications. Onshape helps extended design teams work together faster and helps
executives make better business decisions with real-time analytics and
unprecedented visibility into their company’s design and manufacturing processes.

Thousands of companies rely on Onshape to modernize and streamline their product
development cycle. Onshape users in 170+ countries have logged over 6 million
hours modeling advanced robotics, biomedical devices, industrial machinery,
agriculture equipment, and consumer products. With 1 in 8 sessions occurring on
mobile devices, Onshape is the world's first anywhere, anytime CAD system.

Founded in 2012, Onshape has raised $169 million from Andreessen Horowitz, NEA,
North Bridge, and other leading investors. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the
Onshape leadership team includes the original creators of SOLIDWORKS® and
other proven leaders in cloud infrastructure, data security, and mobile.