Measurement Solutions

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Measurement Solutions are the UK’s leading suppliers of innovative, easy-to-use, portable 3D measurement and scanning systems.

Live demonstrations of the latest handheld scanning solutions from Creaform will focus on the ease of use and the ability to inspect and reverse engineer all types of components to a high resolution and accuracy, from small plastic mouldings to a complete car !

HandySCAN3D is the world’s most advanced portable, handheld laser scanning system available today, and is aimed at serious scanning applications where high accuracy, high resolution scan data is essential to meet the needs of demanding scanning applications. HandySCAN3D is the only serious alternative to high-end white-light scanning systems.

Go!SCAN3D offers low-cost portable scanning capabilities, including full colour scanning. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the Go!SCAN3D offers an unrivalled price/performance ratio in the field of scanning.

When combined with the intuitive VXmodel software, Creaform scanners are the ideal tool for design applications, especially involving 3D Scan-to-Print. The ability to quickly create high quality STL surface data without the need to perform arduous point cloud tasks has made the Go!SCAN3D and HandySCAN3D the scanners of choice for industrial applications.