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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at The University of
Sheffield in one of the national leaders in the field of advanced manufacturing. It is
home to MAPP, an EPSRC Future Manufacturing hub in Manufacture using
Advanced Powder Processes and [email protected], a major partner of the Henry
Royce Institute for Advanced Materials.

[email protected] has developed capabilities to deliver a step change in the
discovery and making of new material systems, enabling concept development from
early, fundamental research right through to translation to industry and, crucially,
covering Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) one to six.

Launched in 2017, MAPP is delivering new understanding and impact across a
variety of themes within additive manufacturing, harnessing emerging technologies
to deliver powder-based manufacturing with a focus on low energy, low cost and low
waste in the area of high value engineering. Led by The University of Sheffield, and
bringing together multidisciplinary teams from the Universities of Leeds, Manchester
and Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London, MAPP is
working with a large number of industry partners to optimise operations in such a
way that savings are made across the entire manufacturing process, whether that
involves in-process measurement and parameter adjustment, advanced
characterisation of materials before, during and after processing or infusing artificial
intelligence based on real-time and historical data for process monitoring and

The innovative research and applied capabilities within MAPP are able to benefit
from the cutting edge facilities of [email protected] who can¬†facilitate end-to-end
research activities which enable businesses to take product and process ideas from
initial concept, through development, testing and optimisation to the point where they
are ready to be trialed by industry.