Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL)

Stand: 26

Malcolm Nicholls Limited has been producing high quality 3D Prints/models, prototypes and low-volume production components for almost fifty years and have earned the reputation as a market leader in their field.

MNL is a unique blend of over forty three years hand-modelling and pattern making experience, coupled with twenty years of in-house 3D printing/prototyping (SLA, SLS and FDM) technology. In addition to supplying individual RP models to verify CAD, other core services offerd are Polyurathane Vacuum Casting,  metal casting from RP patterns, CNC machining in metals and plastics, extensive finishing capabilities and  traditional model-making. PU vacuum cast components can be cast in the colour of your choice (no  painting) and mimic the look and feel of an injection moulded part. We can mimic most thermoplastic materials and have special resins that are high heat resistant, UV stable, flexible and rigid, in both clear and opaque. We are very accomplished at over-moulding or twin-shot PU casting, where we can entrap metal structures or over-mould  rubber/TPE type PU around rigid components. Each silicone tool will produce around 20-30 components depending on chosen PU resin, Elastomer casting arounhd 50 castings from a tool.

MNL are currently running 2 x SLA 5000 and 2 x SLA 250, one with Ultra High Definition build capability building at 0.05mm layers with a 0.075 dia. laser spot size. All machines are using WaterShed 11122 clear resin, which can be hand polished clear for transparent models very easily. One SLS system, using a very fine nylon 12 powder, resulting in a very smooth surface finish and one large format FDM building in ABS, PC and PLA. Using the SLS  system MNL also produce ‘Castform’ investment casting patterns direct from CAD,for the manufacture of metal components.

MNL – “a passion for prototypes”.