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“LimitState:FORM is a powerful design optimization software tool that enables engineers to quickly
develop lighter, more efficient, truss-type components.

LimitState:FORM facilitates a fast and productive workflow from problem definition through to final
design, ready for manufacture. Working with high level, easily editable, solid geometry models, an
optimized form can be easily interpreted, edited and analysed without the need to switch to external
software or undertake time-consuming iterative steps.

LimitState:FORM is able to offer these unique capabilities due to its innovative implementation of
layout and geometry optimization technologies. This approach makes it highly suited to problems with
significant design freedom, where truss-like forms are found to be most efficient.

These advantages mean that LimitState:FORM accelerates the overall workflow from optimization to
design review, to manufacturing readiness, and makes engineers much more productive.  As a result,
LimitState:FORM is the ideal tool for those seeking to take advantage of the design freedoms
associated with additive manufacturing.

At DEVELOP3D LIVE LimitState will showcase innovations in the latest version of LimitState:FORM,
designed to enhance and accelerate your product optimization workflow.”