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Visualisation throughout the design workflow

Lightworks is all things visualisation, from software development and integration to VR experience generation. We combine nearly three decades of software development expertise with interdisciplinary creative and technical teams to provide companies across multiple sectors with the best possible visualisation within their design workflow and at the point-of-sale.

This year we’ll be showing how our constantly evolving Iray+ technology can be used to bring effective high quality visualisation to all areas of design and manufacture; streamlining the design workflow with bespoke integrations, and applications, through to the creation of configurators and immersive VR experiences for design review and customer engagement.

As well as showing some of our latest integration and VR projects, we’re giving people the chance to experience one of our VR demos themselves. Created using the Spherical Camera feature in our Iray for 3ds Max plug-in we’re showing how different environments, products, ideas and styles can be rendered in an end-user application, easily exported, and used on a standard HMD – enhancing and streamlining the process from design to sales and marketing.