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Kenesto is a secure cloud-based Product Document Management solution for any application specifically designed for engineers, general construction, designers or anyone working in a highly collaborative environment where documents are changing frequently. Kenesto provides several ways to access the cloud, a web-based interface, a desktop client service: Kenesto Drive™ and mobile device.

Kenesto Drive displays cloud storage as a virtual drive on your PC with familiar Windows Explorer interface and functions. The Drive gives users the ability to: share and collaborate on designs with internal and external users seamlessly, lock files for exclusive editing, set folders to vault for file check out and check in, displays dependencies of files, revisions, versions, viewing of file formats without the desktop application on the device, automatic file updates and work offline, where the master file is always being accessed.

In addition, Kenesto provides a richer toolset for team work and design process management such as stand-alone task assignment, workflow management, online forms and reporting.

With Kenesto Addins for SW and SE, users also have access to work from within the CAD application, and optionally using our number sequence generator for new parts, assemblies and drawings..

Kenesto offers engineers and designers on-demand access to files from anywhere. Kenesto helps organizations reduce IT expenses, store and share files from one design space and manage product lifecycle beyond consumer cloud storage providers such as Dropbox by bridging the gap between simple cloud storage and desktop PDM systems.

Kenesto Important Features:

  • Advanced Laptop Security settings available: Optional 2 factor authentication, password verification using Kenesto Drive both online and offline, encryption of files in Kenesto Drive
  • Kenesto Drive: A virtual local service installed on your PC with access to your current files
  • Current Document: Always access the most current version of a document, unlike other storage providers that only synchronize copies of files
  • Design Space: Store and share documents, folders directly from Kenesto Drive seamlessly and work with internal and external users as if you were in the same location
  • Permissions: Configure shared items with granular level of access control for people and teams including document and folder level permissions
  • File Locking: Allows exclusive document access while editing files, either by using a vault with check out and check in of files or allowing automatic locking of files
  • Viewer: View over 250 files formats both 2D and 3D from the web, mobile and directly from Kenesto Drive; no installation of applications required
  • Product Document Management: with Kenesto Addins Manage and view dependencies, revisions, where-used, replace (and some refer to it as rename) and versions
  • Mobile apps: access and manage documents from your mobile on the fly

Kenesto fits into every budget and is ideal for engineers at small and medium sized companies, especially those working in a global ecosystem for product development. Kenesto partners with most leading CAD Vendors.

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