Stand: A22

The most efficient cloud platform to process point cloud data.

Vercator® enables a desktop software like experience in the browser but backed by the cloud with all the benefits of cloud computing. This means Vercator will combine the best clusters of computers to quickly process your point cloud data as it scales. Data can be captured, processed, and shared with effortless flexibility and speed.

Vercator brings a new approach to point cloud processing from reality capture data that is faster and more versatile whilst achieving the quality required by the industry. By uniquely delivering automatic registration and segmentation from the cloud backed by AI, the associated benefits follow of access, security, scalability, and speed. Our ambition is to evolve the Vercator platform further with additional tools from both Correvate and third-party suppliers, adding a suite of capabilities and features which deliver cost efficient improvements to our users.

The Correvate team has a talented mix of commercial experience from industry and technical knowledge from top research universities. This gives us an advantage in cutting-edge algorithm design required to process large point cloud data at scale from which Vercator software was developed.