Stand: B17

Comino is an international liquid tech solution provider with 15 years of experience that offers unique manufacturing technologies and expertise in liquid cooling.

GRANDO line — ultra-compact liquid-cooled GPU accelerated devices for AI, deep learning, inference, virtual production, rendering, password recovery and more.

Key advantages
Best Multi-GPU performance for specialists, workgroups and research teams
Uncompromising Reliability, Scalability, Endurance!
Data Center Performance Without the Data Center

Up to 7 GPUs & 2 CPUs
Efficiently operates with outside temperature up to 33 C (low cost for Data Center)
Effective Liquid cooling with Controller and API to integrate into IT monitoring system
Designed to be used in a rack or put on a table
Redundant Power supply system 4x 1600W ( 4+0, 3+1, 2+2)
Cooling Capacity – 4kW
Easiest maintenance in its class

Over 20 000 GPU-based systems across the world are running on Comino’s DLC components.