Canvas GFX

Stand: B20

Canvas Envision from Canvas GFX is the graphical authoring and interactive 3D content delivery solution deployed by leading manufacturers to create and consume interactive digital training and instructional material for shop floor and maintenance operations, and wider ecosystem product communication.

Envision dramatically accelerates the creation of instructional content, uniquely combining 2D graphics, 3D CAD visualization, animation, image-editing, text, and an array of custom tools for adding contextual information in a single authoring app.

It extends digital transformation to front line operations, taking the consumption of instructional content into a new dimension, with interactive 3D experiences that connect the worker directly to live design engineering data – eliminating errors and delays caused by unclear documentation.

Canvas Envision is a highly configurable solution, with an API and SDK portfolio that enable integration with source of truth operational platforms including PLM, MES, and Document Management – and allow for the embedding of the Envision Create and Consume experiences into third-party solutions for the development of a wide range of industrial communication applications. It is available in SaaS and self-hosted (private cloud or on-premises hardware) configurations, with online and offline user experiences.

Canvas Envision is trusted by some of the world’s most advanced manufacturers across a range of sectors including Aerospace & Defense, Autonomous Vehicles, Automotive, and Industrial Machinery.