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BOXX Tech UK provides world-class Workstations and unique rendering solutions. Our Workstations
offer the highest level of performance for VFX, animation, game development, architecture and
product design. We’re experts in creating the perfect specification for the software applications you
use daily. The BOXX workflow allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your time.

We have developed dedicated render solutions. These now cover Extreme GPU rendering and
extreme CPU rendering along with everything in the middle

The all-new APEXX S3 (as reviewed in D3D workstation special) is driven by our fastest overclocked
processor, housed in our newly designed mid-size chassis. The advanced liquid cooling gives you a
quiet operation while being able to maintain processor speeds of up to 5.1GHz. Lastly, the S-Class
can support up to 3 GPUs and leaves room for massive internal storage!

We have New Entries in our workstation family that allow for heavy workloads at blistering speeds.
The Apexx S class based on Intel I9 X family, the Apexx T class based on AMD new and highly
recommended Threadripper series, With the W class in there for good measure with Apexx W class
sporting the ever professional Intel W Xeon family

If you need a full solution, our hardware packages are specifically designed to address your
professional software bottlenecks and maximise your creative productivity. The BOXX Workflow
includes our most in-demand overclocked workstations and computes nodes.

We are now also assisting with your software needs with Autodesk Suites and Sketchup

So visit BOXX to see The BOXX Workflow in action.