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BOXERsolutions Ltd – Exploit the power of digital geometry

BOXERgeom’s Digital GeometryTM kernel supports voxel-based AI and Machine Learning and can help you Digitalize your workflow to support innovative design, Digital Twins & MRO and Design optimization freed from the constraints of BREP NURBS. Understand and mitigate in-service geometry degradation and wear, to better manage life and MRO costs.

BOXERmesh is a fully parallel mesh generation program for creating body-fitted, CFD-style unstructured grids around complex 3D geometry, for use in standard commercial and open-source CFD solvers.

Both products come from Cambridge Flow Solutions whose work is focused on fully scalable simulation environment coupling three building blocks: advanced digital geometry model, mesh generation and CFD; together aimed at complex, real world, conjugated applications.

Our foundation brought together an extensive background in the three demanding and complementary areas of aerospace, turbomachinery and combustion, together with robust, validated in-house codes. We have since diversified into other application areas such as Motorsport, CAE, Oil and Gas, Energy and the Environment. Our experience in CFD has allowed us to identify the greatest gains to be made in improving simulation process software, together with the physical flow and industrial understanding required to build practical and useful applications.