Addition Design and Research

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Addition Design and Research has been formed specifically to push the boundaries of 3D printing.

As a dedicated strategic partner to our clients we provide end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions, maximising the real opportunities in additive manufacturing and 3D printing through advanced industrial design and research. It is this multi-disciplinary approach combined with extensive knowledge of AM processes that sets us apart for any company engaging with additive manufacturing as an industrial production tool.

Alongside our DfAM and R&D services we also offer business focused 3D print training. Our unique course is a hands-on, one-day course aimed directly at small businesses that want to make 3D printing work for them. It is created in a totally impartial manner and written and delivered by our expert team to allow participants to decide if their business can benefit from the use of additive manufacturing.

Our world class team have an envied reputation for sophisticated, pragmatic creativity. From our purpose-built facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield, we understand technology and materials as well as the needs of industrial manufacturers and as a company we successfully fill the gap in-between; an area which has traditionally been missing in the AM supply chain.