Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00am to 9.30am

Main Stage

9:30am // Welcome
9:35am // Chris Harley // Wirth Research

Driving innovation with High Resolution CFD

This presentation will show how Wirth Research are using high-resolution simulation, proven in motorsport, to develop game changing innovations that provide significant real-world energy savings.

10:05am // Richard Mitchell // ANSYS Inc

Moving in the Fast Lane with ANSYS Motion

ANSYS Motion is a third generation advanced multibody dynamics solver. It enables fast and accurate analysis of rigid and flexible bodies and gives accurate evaluation of physical events through the analysis of the mechanical system as a whole. Get an exclusive first look at Motion in the new Mechanical UI.

10:15am // Jonathan Heath // Brompton Bicycle

How Brompton’s designers are using FEA to advance bicycle development

The Brompton bicycle has been engineered over many years using very much traditional engineering development methods. Introducing FEA tools and methods into the development process has allowed Brompton to reduce development time and improve early stage design robustness.

Coffee 10.45am to 11.15am

Main Stage presentations - 11.15am

11:15am // Gian Paolo Bassi // Solidworks


Offer evolution, new opportunities for the age of digital continuity

11:35am // Morgan Fabian // Autodesk

Reclaim Creative Freedom through the Convergence of Design and Manufacturing

Separating design from manufacturing is no longer a viable product strategy.  By converging design and make, Fusion 360 lessens the need for deep manufacturing expertise, makes team collaboration easy, and widely increases innovation bandwidth by leveraging a new process aware partner: generative design. And as a unified experience, accessing this technology has never been easier.

11:55am // Brian Thompson // PTC

The CAD Renaissance

Incredible new technologies are transforming engineering and design.  Are you keeping up?  Join Brian Thompson as he discusses how the rapid convergence of additive manufacturing, generative design, real-time simulation, augmented reality and IoT are driving innovation in product development.

12:15pm // Dan Staples // Siemens PLM

Managing Product Complexity

Dan Staples will highlight some of the key trends in today’s design technology along with real-life examples of how Siemens can assist in overcoming challenges in the world of engineering. A challenge of focus is the skills gap in engineering between education and industry; Dan Staples will explore this challenge, from gender gap to technology gap, and looks at real-life stories of progress.

12:35pm // Wesley Essink // Gen3D

Shortening additive manufacturing design cycles

What sits between the whiteboard and parametric CAD? Whiteboards are limited to two-dimensional interaction and fluidly editing very complex parametric models can be challenging. This talk discusses how to bridge this gap by using new generative design software.

LUNCH 12.45 to 2.15pm

Main Stage presentations - 2.15pm

2:15pm // Jon Hirschtick // Onshape

The Power Of The Platform: Lessons From Our First 7,000,000 Hours

With over 7,000,000 hours of usage on the Onshape full-cloud product development platform we have learned a lot. Jon Hirschtick will talk about what the platform is, how it’s different than discrete file-based tools, and what OnShape has learned about how it helps companies develop products better than ever.

2:35pm // Bradley Rothenberg // nTopology

Computational engineering enabled by implicit modelling

Alternative ways to represent a solid model enable a step change in the type of parts we can create, enabling us to lock down & solve the next generation of big data engineering problems.

2:55pm // James Dagg // Altair

The Simulation Revolution

Altair will share its vision for simulation-driven design and introduce revolutionary technology for designers and design engineers to perform structural analysis directly on large CAD assemblies in seconds.

3:15pm // Matthew Sederberg // Coreform

Highly accurate spline-based FEA

A new highly accurate and performant approach to FEA is to run simulations directly on smooth splines, the building blocks of CAD models. Coreform Analyze (beta) is the first commercial solver natively built to run on a smooth spline basis. We share results and discuss powerful potential new engineering workflows.

Coffee 3.35 to 4.05pm

Main Stage presentations - 4.05pm

4:05pm // Revannth N Murugesan // Carbon Performance Limited

The magic formula: AM + AR + IoT + Blockchain

Addressing the opportunities for Industry 4.0 technologies in the automotive industry and the usually ignored £260bn aftermarket industry, the talk discusses how the synergy between Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Internet Of Things, and Blockchain is playing a significant role in the growth of digital manufacturing.

4:25pm // Jay Short // INITION
The value beyond – haptics, biometrics and more

Jay will talk about how in a time of unrivalled innovation, businesses can be integrating the likes of haptic technologies, biometric feedback and more to improve their design processes and understand more about their customers.

END 4.45pm

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00am to 9.30am

Additive Manufacturing

Coffee 10.45am to 11.15am

Additive Manufacturing - 11.15am

11:15am // Umit Aydin // GKN Additive

Effective Metal Additive Manufacturing in practice

How to feasibly introduce Additive manufacturing successfully into your business – Value through AM in different products

11:35am // Ophira Malamed // XJet

The Power of Powderless Additive Manufacturing

The presentation highlights the world’s first and only powder-free ceramic and metal AM technology. XJet will address the specific benefits of its unprecedented NanoParticle Jetting technology (NPJ).

11:55am // Sarat Babu // Betatype

Delivering detail in Industrial Design through AM

Industrial design has always been influenced by the capabilities of manufacturing processes – a reality that can lead to technology limiting what can be achieved through the design process. By combining greater technological control with expertise, however, additive manufacturing can now expand these possibilities rather than limit them.

12:15pm // Adam Roberts // The MTC

Digital twins in manufacturing process chains

Digital twins (virtual models and simulations that are informed by and update their physical counterparts) are becoming increasingly common throughout industry. This presentation aims to provide an overview of their use and value in manufacturing, with a particular focus on metal additive manufacturing and factory control.

LUNCH 12.45 to 2.15pm

Additive Manufacturing - 2.15pm

2:15pm // Future Manufacturing Panel Discussion
With technologies for on demand and additive manufacturing rapidly evolving, DEVELOP3D LIVE has assembled an expert panel to shed light on the effects these changes will have on businesses that produce parts and products, and on the entire product development process.

Dr Hoda Amel // Senior Research Engineer // MTC


Stephen Dyson //  Head of Industry 4.0 //  Protolabs


Dr Franziska Fuchs // Business Development Manager & Requirement Engineer // EOS


Andre Wegner // CEO // Authentise

2:55pm // James Hunt // AMRC

Additive Manufacturing, enabling space research

Small lightweight micro-satellites called CubeSats have strict design requirements in terms of weight and packaging. Additive Manufacturing provides one solution to generating truly optimised and unique designs. This talk will explain the design and development path taken by the AMRC to produce novel components for CubeSats.

3:15pm // Tim Leigh // Fluxaxis

Brave or foolish? Lessons from a 3D Printing Start Up

Most start ups grow incrementally and grow guided by opportunities in the marketplace. Stage One adopted a more radical approach by investing in a million pounds worth of kit, starting a business called Fluxaxis and then looking for work.

This presentation tells the nerve-racking story of a 3D printing start-up.

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00am to 9.30am

Visualisation / VR

Coffee 10.45am to 11.15am

Visualisation / VR stream - 11.15am

11:15am // Ben Widdowson // Siemens

How automotive designers are blending physical and virtual workflows to design tomorrow’s vehicles.

A showcase of how Slipstream from Siemens is enabling automotive design teams to automatically prepare complex design data for high-end VR design reviews saving time and money.

11:35am // Dalia Lasaite // CGTrader

Trends and opportunities in 3D Visualisation

Recent advances in 3D design technology and augmented reality solutions are driving demand for high quality 3D content, creating new opportunities for such application as 3D printing, eCommerce, gaming, animation and advertising. As the world’s largest supplier of 3D models and 3D content, CGTrader will address the challenges and rewards for these and other business opportunities.

11:55am // Mark Simpson // CAD Schroer

Practical Guide To Product Showcasing With AR/VR/MR Apps
Using AR/VR/MR Apps to showcase your products is clearly the ultra-modern thing to do. Key challenges are: which technology to use, and how to build Apps with your 3d design data. We will set-out this process, show a number of customer apps, and take a look towards the future.

12:15pm // Julia Britton // Bomper Studio

Creating Great CAD-Driven Visuals That Beat Those Shrinking Deadlines

Marketing teams’ need for speedy, 3D content is ever-growing and in response, the importing of CAD data has streamlined significantly. Bomper Studio discusses this trend, the studio’s process for working with detail-rich CAD models, and how to use Cinema 4D’s importing tools to empower yourself as an artist.

LUNCH 12.45 to 2.15pm

Visualisation / VR stream - 2.15pm

2:15pm // Henrik Wann Jensen // Luxion

Render Them Speechless

The demand for product visualization is increasing. Tomorrow’s needs are changing the product experience. This includes efficiently using visualization throughout the development of a product to presenting product experiences to customers in a variety of visually engaging ways. We’ll look at this and the technology trends making it possible.

2:35pm // Vasileios Balampanos // Riot CGI

VR and the human brain. Are we ready yet for this old technology?

VR has been around since the seventies for research, medical and military applications. The democratization of VR technology that happened in the last few years brought us face to face with a rather strange challenge. It often appears that our physiology is standing in the way of allowing us to experience this immersive platform to its full potential. Do we accept that VR is not for everybody or there is something that can be done?

2:55pm // Sam Gwilt // Precipice

Life Imitates CGI: Rendering the Ideal for Social Media

Social media has gained a reputation for retouched photos portraying make-believe adventures. For designers, it’s easier than ever to start from scratch and build idealistic, realistic scenes.

What are the ramifications of renderings shared as real life? How can designers beat the Instafamous at their own game, without lying?
3:15pm // Urho Konttori // Varjo

Human-eye resolution VR changes more than just design reviews

Human-eye resolution VR is here with Varjo VR-1. Every detail that you would see with your eyes can now be seen on virtual models. Impact on design reviews is huge when you can see materials instantly in their accurate form.

The next step in VR is use of VR as the design tool itself. Urho Konttori will talk about how Varjo sees this path progressing in the near future.

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00am to 9.30am


Coffee 10.45am to 11.15am

DEVELOP3D LIVE Workshops - 11:15am

11:15am // Going Beyond Simulation in CAD - with Altair and Brompton Bicycle

This workshop, hosted jointly between keynote speaker Jon Heath of Brompton Bicycle, and Altair, will show why Brompton Bicycle empowered its design team to move beyond simulation in their CAD system.

Attend and learn how the team accurately captures mechanical behaviour, optimises designs, takes manufacturing constraints into account (casting, 3D printing etc), and assesses structural performance in just a few seconds.

DEVELOP3D Live delegates can sign up here

LUNCH 12.45 to 2.15pm

DEVELOP3D LIVE Workshops - 2:15pm

2:15pm // IP in the age of Brexit
With potential changes in law surrounding Brexit, we’ve teamed up with Intellectual property (IP) expert Potter Clarkson to offer an exclusive workshop on what it could mean to your existing IP and how to best protect your designs.

2:55pm // R&D Tax Rebates
Whether you’re one of the biggest players in R&D, or a smaller start-up looking to grow through innovation, you’ll want to hear what you could potentially be claiming in R&D tax credits in our special workshop hosted by experts in the field, Randd UK.

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