Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00AM to 9.00AM

Main Stage

9:00AM Conference starts
9:10AM // Mouse McCoy // Hackrod

Driving the last mile from bits to atoms and jumping the ‘valley of death’……How Hackrod is redefining design process for the 21st century.

Hackrod is proving out its vision of a new manufacturing future with La Bandita, designed in VR, engineered with generative design and 3D printed full size in Aluminium.

9:40AM // Bradley Rothenberg // nTopology

10 minute tech demo – Form Fit & Function: nTopology Element

A generative pipeline for producing complex structures defined by a number of different design constraints: form, fit, & function.

9:50AM // David Moseley // ‎Lucid Motors

The role of Multi-Physics Simulation in the Development of the All-Electric Lucid Air

As a new entrant to the EV market, Lucid Motors has adopted an innovative simulation-centered design approach, exploiting the best-in-class tools, without being hindered by legacy methods.

10:20AM // Justin Hendrickson // Ansys

Ansys Discovery Live

A live demonstration of how real time speed, interactivity, and radical ease of use will change the way simulation is used by every engineer.

Coffee 10.30 to 11.20 AM

Main Stage - 11.20AM

11:20AM // Gian Paolo Bassi // SolidWorks

The New Industrial Renaissance

During this session Gian Paolo will share thoughts and strategy around a new Industrial Renaissance; exploring a world of human-centric automation, new technologies and new markets.

11:50AM // Bruno Stefanizzi // AMD
The future of the graphics engine – 10 min tech preview

AMD will show how advances in graphics technology will unleash a new level of realism in your design applications.

12:00PM // Bart Simpson // Autodesk

The Future of Manufacturing, Today

Learn how Autodesk is delivering the future of manufacturing, today. Bart will show some of the latest technologies that are disrupting manufacturing.

12:30PM // Brian Thompson // PTC

Delivering on the Future of Design with Creo 5

The physical and digital worlds are converging. For engineering teams large and small, the boundary between the physical and digital worlds is being increasingly blurred.

LUNCH 1.00 to 2.00 PM

Main Stage - 2.00PM

2:00PM // Dan Staples // Siemens PLM

Managing Product Complexity

The demand to design more innovative products that meet increasing customer needs, but are simpler to use, cheaper to manufacture, meet regulations and combat your competition has never been so critical.  Dan Staples will illustrate how to welcome product development complexity with a toolset that balances breadth and depth, and keeps productivity the priority.

2:30PM // Jon Hirschtick // Onshape

Design Data Management 2.0: Modern Teams Need Modern Tools

All design teams need to manage their design data. Onshape will be announcing and showing new data management features at DEVELOP3D Live.



3:00PM // James Dagg // Altair

Reality Check: Real-Life Examples and Applications of Simulation and Optimization

Design and engineering needs to be meticulously simulated, optimised, challenged, and then challenged again – this is where Altair makes a difference.

Coffee 3.30 to 4.00 PM

Main Stage - 4.00PM

4:00PM // Vipin Pillai // Ocado Engineering

The challenges of big automation

Ocado has gone on a journey from outsourced design for its warehouse technology to designing state-of-the-art engineering products and solutions in-house. This talk will describe the journey.

4:30PM // Sarah Weir // Design Council

Designing our future

The post-Brexit world in 2019, is now just months away. So what matters is to think beyond, to put ourselves now into what that world will look like, feel like and be like for us and future generations.

END 5.00 PM

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00AM to 9.00AM

Additive Manufacturing

Coffee 10.30 to 11.20 AM

Additive Manufacturing - 11.20AM

11:20AM // Sophie Jones // Added Scientific

3D Printing: What’s on the horizon?

From embedded electronics to personalised pharmaceuticals – the future of 3D Printing looks nothing like what we see today. In this talk, we’ll take a whirlwind tour of what’s coming.

11:40AM // Kieron Salter // KWSP

An additive to innovation

Kieron will explore some of their additive projects, as well as the process of horizontal innovation, the transfer of skills and knowledge between sector.

12:00PM // Jesse Blankenship // Frustum

How Functional Generative Design Reshapes Everything

Jesse will demonstrate their latest generative design innovations, exploring how advances in technology enable users to capture manufacturing intent early in the design process.

12:20PM // Andy Roberts // Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal – Unlocking Generative Design Potential with Live Parts™

Desktop Metal will preview an advanced software tool that offers a new morphogenetic approach to designing for additive manufacturing that industry faces.

LUNCH 1.00 to 2.00 PM

Additive Manufacturing - 2.00PM

2:00PM // Brad Rothenberg // nTopology

From features to functions, building generative design tools

Spurred by a revolution in manufacturing there is now a need for a more general modelling framework that includes functionality that would normally exist within CAM or CAE.

2:20PM // David Reid // Dassault Systemes Simulia

Print to Perform: Digitally Accelerating Additive Manufacturing

Talk abstract:
The additive manufacturing industry continues to grow as machine-builders provide newer machines, faster processes and a diverse portfolio of materials. This growth – in no small measure – is fueled by the drive towards creating functional end-use parts. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes enables companies on that journey through a portfolio of additive manufacturing roles: from functional generative design to manufacturing planning to simulate the additive manufacturing process.  Starting with creating optimal lightweight designs based on functional specifications, the user can perform concept trade off studies and generate functionally validated final shapes. Then, a manufacturing plan with both CAD and STL parts, support structure strategies and part slicing can be built. Finally, the engineer can simulate the build with a scalable simulation framework from melt-pool level physics for residual stresses and microstructures to part level distortions and validate your supports, for a wide variety of processes and materials.

This powerful solution available both as ‘on-premise’ and ‘on-cloud’ will allow users to digitally accelerate the decision making process to meet their product development needs for additive, ensuring optimal utilization of their hardware investments by reducing expensive trial-and-error print times. The result is an unparalleled digital projection of the physical reality of the AM process.

David has worked at Dassault Systèmes now for 9 years.  He is passionate about working with companies to help them to improve the performance of the products, whichever way they measure that performance.  He strongly believes that the path to success is best achieved by considering design, simulation and manufacturing altogether, in a fully integrated environment.

He first used Additive Manufacturing back in 1993, but of course it was called “Rapid Prototyping” back then! He has previously worked at PTC, ThyssenKrupp Automotive, Blue Ridge Numerics, Intergraph and Optima Design.  He studied Engineering at Cambridge.
2:40PM // Andy Harris // Autodesk

Generative Design and Metal Casting: Economical Performance

In this session, Andy will explore a powerful combination of three technologies: generative design, additive manufacturing, and metal casting.

3:00PM // Louis Geekie // Croft Additive Manufacturing Ltd

Product Innovation using Metal AM

Realising the potential of metal AM requires an understanding of the metal AM process from lightweight potentials, near net shape of final product, critical surfaces and post processing.

3:20PM // Johannes Mann // Volume Graphics

Inspection of 3D printed parts

3DPrinting is the fastest growing area of modern manufacturing. Whether it is prototypes, functional parts or even molds, every week there is a new material, a new and better machine, or even completely new technologies. In order to certify the processes and their results to sell high quality parts, Computer Tomography gives the transparent insight. Rather than just scratching the surface with a few dimensions, CT enables an overall inspection approach including defect analysis as well as a full GD&T also on inner features. CT pushes inspection up to the same level as manufacturing was pushed by 3D printing.

Coffee 3.40 to 4.00 PM

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00AM to 9.00AM

Start Up / Data Management

Coffee 10.30 to 11.20 AM

Start-Up - 11.20AM

11:20AM // Sarah Weir // Design Council

Design Council Spark

A brief overview of the Design Council’s Spark programme, and how design and innovation help support and overcome the many nationwide challenges facing people on a daily basis.

11:40AM // Jon Fidler // Naturebytes

Reconnect with Wildlife

Naturebytes – Digital Learning, Wildlife Conservation and Open Innovation.

Explore how Naturebytes has developed its new digital making activities that enable people to experience the natural world around them with its DIY Wildlife Cam Kit.

12:00PM // Chris Elsworthy // CEL UK

3D Printer Development in the UK

An in-depth look at the development of the CEL Robox 3D printing eco-system, including how the company has responded to a changing marketplace and new industry developments.

12:20PM // Simon Austen // Third Skin - CANCELLED

Unfortunately, this presentation has had to be cancelled.
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

How low cost, open and collaborative design tech makes it easy to create the future.

LUNCH 12.40 to 2.00 PM

Data Management: New Approaches - 2.00PM

2:00PM // Joe McBurnie // CSI Europe

The Consequences of Digitising the Industrial Age Over the Last 30 Years

Creating more but managing less, digital chaos behind the scenes, Islands of unsecure and out of date information.

2:20PM // Oleg Shilovitsky // OpenBOM

Cloud data management, real-time collaboration and connected cloud storage using OpenBOM

OpenBOM introduced global cloud-based data management system providing distributed data storage and access functions combined with unique real-time collaboration.

2:40PM // Mike Payne // Kenesto

Why is the engineering document as important as ever?

Documents are the exchange mechanism that has stood the test of time, and are the documents of record and will continue to be. How can we ensure we control them in a manner suited to their use?

3:00PM // Neil Cooke // Onshape Inc.

Design Data Management 2.0

How cloud-based data management tools prevent design gridlock.

Coffee 3.20 to 4.00 PM

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition 8.00AM to 9.00AM

Design Viz / VR

Design Viz / VR - 10:30AM

10:30AM // Ben Widdowson // Lightworks

How VR can solve key challenges faced by automotive and aerospace design teams

Design teams in the automotive and aerospace industries face many challenges. Virtual reality offers the promise of transforming the design process, enabling design teams to review more themes more frequently. However, getting complex design data into VR is still a huge challenge. We will explore how new technologies can save hundreds of hours of manual data preparation enabling design teams to focus on the things that matter.

10:50AM // Trevor Leeson // Theorem Solutions

Leveraging existing CAD and PLM assets in AR and VR

With the new low-cost devices for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality putting the technologies in the reach of all, the challenge is deciding which technology is best for you and how do you start your journey?

Our aim is to get you thinking about the impact that these new technologies can have on your organisation. How using proof of concept for each device type will help to define uses cases and buy-in based on established business processes, whilst leveraging existing CAD and PLM assets. Most importantly, why you should remain device agnostic in an ever evolving digital realm.

11:10AM // Richard Seale // Seymourpowell

Virtual Reality design for automotive

Richard Seale (Lead automotive designer) at Seymourpowell will be live demonstrating ‘Reality Works’ – their new Virtual Reality sketch tool for automotive design. The tool allows designers to sketch in 3D at full scale to create data and streamline collaboration between both designer and modeller. Working at the watershed that exists between creativity and virtual technologies – Seymourpowell believe that tools like this have the potential to transform the design process; slashing the time it takes for design teams to get from initial sketch to the showroom floor.

Break 11.40 to 12.00 PM

12:00PM // Eugene Riecansky // Rockstar Films

Design like a Rockstar

Rockstar’s Founder and Executive Creative Director, Eugene Riecansky, has kept Rockstar at the very forefront of the industry since it began and over the last 18 years has attracted the likes of Madonna, Pixar, AMD, Autodesk, TBWA, Universal Records, Vivienne Westwood, Mission, The Prodigy. MTV amongst many others.

12:20PM // Sean Young // HP

From London to Mars: co-creating a Martian civilization for 1 million humans in Virtual Reality

Following in the footsteps of the historic Project Soane, the public collaboration to re-create Sir John Soane’s historic Bank of England in BIM, HP Mars Home Planet is a global mission to unite architects and engineers to design an urban area for 1 million people on Mars, and bring it to life in virtual reality. Learn how 72,000 participants from around the world are designing humanity’s future on Mars, in Virtual Reality.

LUNCH 12.40 to 2.00 PM

2:00PM // Eric Kam // ESI Group

Bridging the physical to digital divide in computer based engineering

In the evolution of design practices, the reliance on developmental prototypes has yielded to complete computerization of design; what was lost in translation and how do we get it back?

Since its inception, computer aided design and engineering tools have promised the elimination of practical prototypes, replacing the need for them with digital or virtual prototypes. Thus, is built the 3D engineering business that we support today. However, as industry moves away from practical build of mock-ups as the basis for engineering discovery, the long-promised efficiency of digital design is only partially realized. What deterministic computer models and analysis tools could not capture is the intersection of people participating in the process of using, manufacturing, or servicing the products being designed. Interactive Virtual Reality enables manufacturing organizations to again have the benefit of physically responsive prototypes, without the construction or material costs required to realize them in the physical world.

2:20PM // Pierre Maheut // Allegorithmic

Virtual Materials Creation for 3D rendering

Reference when it comes to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials, we will present how to use Substance and more specifically Substance Designer, node-based material authoring tool to create procedural and/or scanned based materials. It will include full customer workflow from scan to 3D material for realtime and raytraced imagery up to VR experiences. Use cases in several types of industries will be displayed from automotive design to high-tech products and fashion design.

2:40PM // Jamie Gwilliam // AMD

The Future of the Graphics Engine

AMD will show how advances in graphics technology will unleash a new level of realism in your design applications.

3:00PM // David Macey // INK

Beauty and the technical beast – An insight into the Automotive CGI work by INK

Enter INK – a creative team with guts, experience and foresight which allow them to take all this quite lightly and cheerfully. INK’s creative director David Macey brings his insight on the challenging work the studio completed for some of their top automotive clients. Taking you through a number of case studies, discover INK’s technical approach to creating beautiful work – sure to get any petrolheads revved up.

Break 3.20 to 3.40 PM

3:40PM // Yazan Malkosh // swatchbook

The Future of Materials

In the real world, materials define a product: its aesthetics, its structure, its quality. Yet when looking at the digital world, there is a clear disconnect between design, engineering, and manufacturing when it comes to materials. They are always lacking something. While materials are quintessential for visualization and manufacturing, there is no link between the 2.  Management tools are made by engineers for engineers and manufacturers. There are no material standards. And where are the suppliers?

This talk looks at the future of materials in the digital space, what is needed, and what swatchbook is doing to try to help solve these problems. At the end of this talk you’ll understand why swatchbook  ️materials

4:00PM // Lee Danskin // Escape Technology

Cloud workflows for visual effects

Join Escape Technology’s Lee Danskin as he explores how cloud workflows can be used in visual effects. Whether your project is in post production, architecture, games, or VR the cloud has become a viable option for projects that need additional resources. Find out how you can securely burst to the cloud for rendering, or even spin up a whole studio if needed.

4:20PM // Sergio Madeira // Foundry

Introducing the next generation in visualization for design

In this talk, Foundry Creative Specialist, Sergio Madeira, will take you through Foundry’s design workflow which enhances both visualization and collaboration across design teams. Sergio will take you through some of the key features and developments within Foundry’s Design applications which enable designers to take ideas from their initial conception and enable them to communicate their vision accurately across their business from manufacturing right through to merchandising.

4:40 PM // Scott Grant // Soluis
Collaborative VR and Augmented Working

Scott will explore how ‘simulated reality’ is starting to address the most fundamental challenges faced in the design, the delivery and operation of projects.

END 5.00 PM

END 5.00 PM approx

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