Registration, Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
8.00am to 9.00am

Main Stage Presentations

9:00am // Welcome
Martyn Day // DEVELOP3D
9:05am // Squeezing more performance out of 3D CAD for free
Rob Jamieson // AMD
AMD’s Rob Jamieson will introduce a new graphics driver for AMD Radeon Pro professional GPUs that promises to dramatically improve 3D performance in Dassault Systèmes Solidworks and several other OpenGL-based 3D applications.

Jamieson will go into more detail at 2:20pm in the visualisation / VR stream.

9:10am // Combining Additive Manufacturing and agile methodologies for rapid robotics innovation
Matt Whelan // Ocado Technology
Ocado Robot Matt WhelanMatt Whelan, Head of Engineering for Ocado Technology’s 600 Series bot, will be lifting the lid on the company’s radical additive-first approach to robotics hardware development. This novel design process, which puts additive at the centre and draws inspiration from the world of agile software development, allowed the team to create the world’s lightest and most efficient grocery fulfilment bot.

This agile approach allowed the team to experiment, learn, and iterate at incredible speed with many of the product concepts being designed in just a few weeks. Achieving these results with traditional manufacturing approaches would have taken many times longer due to the design, tooling and procurement lead times associated with testing multiple concepts.

9:50am // One of a Kind - The true meaning of bespoke
Ian Briggs // BAC (Briggs Automotive Company)
BAC MONO - Ian Briggs DesignerBAC (Briggs Automotive Company) is a British manufacturer who designed and built the world’s first road-legal, single-seater supercar – the BAC Mono. The Liverpool-based business was founded in 2009 by brothers Neill and Ian Briggs.

The word bespoke is often overused, but at BAC every item of the car can be personalized. BAC inspire owners into making their Mono as individual as they are, from initial digital design ideas to full conceptual renders BAC have mastered the art of global design consultation within a digitally led environment.

BAC Founder and Head of Design Ian Briggs will explain the challenges and opportunities the vehicles concept create. In addition, why the BAC Mono supercar is regarded as the ultimate piece of purpose-built equipment for the sport of driving, focused only on the driver, and how Mono can exist a world in which the car comes under ever-increasing scrutiny and tighter legislation.

Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
10.30am to 11.00am

Main Stage presentations - 11.00am

11:00am // Unpacking the top 3 myths holding back 3D technical product documentation
Michael Smith & Philip Taylor // Zea
Zea - Michael + Phillip [temp image]End users don’t think about products the same way engineering teams are assembled to create them. Building documentation the way a product is assembled creates structure in the document and clearly defines the approval process but frustrates the user that has to jump around looking up information in many different sections.

So how do we fix this if creating documentation with a complete 3D model is like punching today’s technical documentation best practices in the face? Content creators are trained to show as little information as possible in the illustrations to allow for maximum reuse across all products. But what good is all the reuse if it just confuses users? Join us for a peek at how next-gen cloud-based applications can revolutionize the process.

For each myth holding back 3D technical documentation, we’ll discuss why it’s believable and how it’s hurting the industry.

11:10am // Experiences: Moving Beyond Designing Products
Manish Kumar // Solidworks
Solidworks - Manish KumarDesigning an amazing product is just the start. Making the transition to creating experiences elevates design to a new, life-changing level. Don’t just make things people use. Design to change the way people live, work, and play.

Sound ambitious? Perhaps, but by uniting the design, simulation, governance, manufacturing, and marketing domains, you have the power to make experiences a reality. Join Solidworks CEO, Manish Kumar, as he shares real-world examples of designing for experience and how this approach has the power to improve lives, positively influence behavior, and ignite our creativity like never before.

11:40am // Design without boundaries
Bradley Rothenberg // nTopology
While 3D printing has moved from mainly prototyping to production over the last decade, we still use mostly the same design software & methods from the early 80s. CAD’s foundation is the BREP (boundary representation) that, when created, was ideal for digitizing drafting. CAD successfully replaced the drafting board for drawing, but what’s next? Rather than incrementally improving upon CAD, a totally new underlying model is needed, breaking boundaries between analysis & design, to handle the ever increasing complexity of modern manufacturing.

Implicit modelling + Field-Driven-Design is built for the future of product development and already today is enabling a wide range of products from autonomous, swarming factory robots to zero-energy hydrogen-powered aircraft to custom orthodontics. Engineering is about breaking boundaries and exploring the art of what’s possible, and new software is the tool to enable us.


12:10pm // The future of design exploration with AI-powered design
Dr. Baljesh Mehmi // Altair
Altair - Dr. Baljesh MehmiGaining insight into a product’s performance has never been easier. Rapid and highly accurate simulation studies can be carried out at the dynamic speed of the concept development stage, and intelligent technologies can provide design direction demonstrating where material is needed to meet performance requirements.

The advent of AI technologies can move us a stage further. By utilising AI, design teams can easily set up and execute design of experiments and optimisation studies, learning which attributes contribute the most to the different performances, review, plot, and compare results from multiple design iterations, and ultimately identify optimal designs.

Utilising AI and machine learning is enabling design teams to include criteria that have traditionally been considered purely subjective or expert-driven. This presentation will give practical examples demonstrating how AI Powered Design can impact your processes..

Lunch and Exhibition
12.40pm to 2.00pm

Main Stage presentations - 2.00pm

2:00pm // Why “Digital Transformation” is currently failing engineers and designers
Pari Singh // Flow Engineering
Flow Eng - PariTired of hunting down the latest engineering parameters you need again and again? Engineering teams are stuck in data management hell, losing hours every day to meetings, emails, and excessive design reviews just to keep everyone up to date with the changing system values.

Despite the advances in “Digital Twins” and “Industry 4.0”, engineers and designers are feeling the cross-tool, cross-team data problem more acutely than ever.

Flow Engineering (formerly The Engineering Company) is a startup building tools to help multi-disciplinary engineering teams design and iterate complex systems up to 35% faster.

Flow is a collaborative single-source-of-truth for shared values across multi-disciplinary systems. Engineers can find, subscribe to, and track changes to the data they need in seconds, regardless of the tool they use to do their engineering. This presentation will discuss the root of the problem, talk about where digital transformation has left gaps, and the opportunities going forward.

2:10pm // Convergence: The new possible in Design and Manufacturing
Jeff Kinder // Autodesk
Autodesk - Jeff KinderDigital transformation in the manufacturing industry has been unlocking opportunities for increased efficiency, productivity, and innovation. With converged design and make processes in the cloud, manufacturers are able to reimagine what’s possible.

In this keynote, Jeff Kinder, Executive Vice President of Design and Manufacturing at Autodesk, will share how to take advantage of these opportunities for increased innovation and digital transformation. He will showcase evolving tools and technologies that can help manufacturers build resilience, improve collaboration, and automate processes, enabling them to thrive today as well as in the future.

2:40pm // The past, present and future of engineering design tools
Jon Hirschtick // PTC
Jon HirschtickHaving started Solidworks and Onshape, Hirschtick is an industry legend and is now chief evangelist at PTC. DEVELOP3D’s Martyn Day will interview him on a range of topics including cloud and its impact on the future of CAD, simulation-driven design, and the digital thread
3:10pm // Accelerating digital transformation – how to take your product development to the next level
Dan Staples // Siemens
Most small and mid-sized manufacturers believe that new, digital technologies can help level the playing field when competing with large corporations. The most advanced companies are harnessing the power of digital transformation to leapfrog their competition and even disrupt their industries.

Dan Staples, VP of R&D at Siemens, will highlight how technology trends in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing are changing the way manufacturers are designing and developing products, opening up a world of new opportunities for innovation and growth. Dan will present new research, cutting-edge technology demonstrations, and practical, real-world examples of how manufacturers are embracing digital transformation to innovate faster, beat the competition, and succeed in the market.

Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
3.40pm to 4.10pm

Main Stage presentations - 4.10pm

4:10pm // Designing automotive-grade consumer experiences for tomorrow’s vehicles
Philipp Siebourg // Harman
Harman - Philipp SiebourgHARMAN Automotive offers a unique collection of connected vehicle and car audio solutions for the automotive industries by leveraging its unique heritage in automotive sound, design, and technology. HARMAN is advancing the in-car experience for how people live and play today and tomorrow.

With leading brands like AKG, Harman Kardon, JBL, Mark Levinson, and Revel, HARMAN is admired by audio lovers worldwide. More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems.

Philipp Siebourg will share insights into how Huemen, HARMAN’s internal design group, designs and develops automotive-grade consumer experiences, including the audio systems, for some of the greatest cars on the planet.

4:50pm // How visions of future products come to life in automotive
Shay Moradi & Paul Heys // Vital Auto
Vital Auto - Shay + PaulWhen the lines between, brand product and services becomes blurred, in the age of the metaverse where experiences don’t look like anything we’ve seen before, where emerging technologies shape and influence our lives for better or worse, how does prototyping experience (both physical and digital) in the highest fidelity and validating these visions accurately, provide design leaders with opportunities to enhance their products.

Where and how do we collaborate with new tools that have at their core machine learning? Paul and Shay working at Vital Auto operate at that exact intersection between analogue and digital. Collectively they are responsible for creating new systems, new tools and producing innovative interfaces and creative strategies that impact consumer experience from end to end.

End 5.30pm

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
8.00am to 9.00am

Startups / Future Fabrication streams

Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
10.30am to 11.00am

Startups stream - 11.00am

11:00am // Autonomy and the future of rapid force augmentation
Mike Tinmouth // Acua Ocean
Acua Ocean - Mike TinmouthWhether it is the workplace or the battlefield; enhanced risks, a shrinking talent pool and increased cost sensitivity means that businesses and governments alike are turning to autonomy as a means to rapidly scale and deploy solutions during times of need.

In his session Mike will discuss how autonomy can fill the roles that we no longer want nor can afford people to do – and the challenges and opportunities that represents. He will discuss how planning and design is needed now, if we are to deliver on the full capability that autonomy can offer.

11:20am // Startup panel discussion:
Methods, programs, and technologies that enable product ideas to grow from an initial spark, into a full-blown go-to-market product
Our experienced panel will look at the methods, programs, and technologies that enable product ideas to grow from
an initial spark, into a full-blown go-to-market product

Mentor - Zara Smith HOLDING

Zara Smith // Zara Smith Coaching

Dyson - David Cullimore

David Cullimore // Ex-Prodrive Ventures

TBAT - Ian Davie

Ian Davie // TBAT

SolidSoutions - Mark

Mark Tooley // Solid Solutions

Thomas Bloomfield  // Fyous
Josh Shires // Fyous
12:00pm // Pentaform: Building a mission focused hardware company
Samuel Wangsaputra & Joon Sang Lee // Pentaform Computers Ltd
PentagramPentaform is a company based London. Our team has previously worked with Marc Newson, Apple and built digital products that have been used by +1 million users.

Join this talk for a to learn more about our journey to launch hardware products, build their communities, and grow their business – from the early stages all the way up to fulfillment.

Lunch and Exhibition
12.30pm to 2.00pm

Future Fabrication stream - 2.00pm

2:00pm // Winning in sports with 3D printing
Dimitris Katsanis // Metron
Metron - DimitrisUsing 3D printing in sports applications is becoming an established method of manufacturing such equipment. Materials include Titanium and aluminium and the range of parts are from special one-offs to series production and from small parts to large ones.

In this presentation we will examine the range of parts that are currently 3D Printed, as well as the reasons and motivations. Also, we will do a bit of crystal ball gazing to try and predict where 3D Printing can potentially go in the future.

2:20pm // Digital Manufacturing panel discussion:
To help you make the next leap in manufacturing and production
Our expert panel will help you make the next leap in manufacturing and production – from optimising workflows for equipment you already own, to the very latest kit to accelerate your business.

Add Flow - Alex
Alexander Pluke // Additive Flow

Photocentric - Cristina

Cristina Sesma // Photocentric

Oqton - Ben

Ben Schrauwen // Oqton

Carbon - Gary Miller 

Gary Miller // Carbon

Alpine F1 - Pat Warner ADM Manager

Pat Warner // Alpine F1




3:00pm // Made to order: a journey towards automated mass-customisation
Peter Harman // CAE Tech
CAE Tech Pete HarmanWith diverse case-studies including healthcare, electronics, offsite-construction and shipbuilding; this talk explores the benefits from making products on-demand at near mass production efficiency. Could a future of lower energy and material consumption, production closer to the consumer, and increased modularity and personalisation be possible?

Each of these products currently requires the input of a designer or engineer during the sales or manufacturing processes, making it difficult to increase the scale of production and risking stoppages. Pete will also explore how his own journey from simulation and optimisation in F1 to software for manufacturing has impacted this vision.

Coffee and Exhibition
3.30pm to 4.10pm

Registration, Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
8.00am to 9.00am

Product development / Visualisation & VR streams

Coffee and Exhibition (Octagon)
10.30am to 11.00am

Product development stream - 11.00am

11:00am // Design for behaviour change - the power of play
Craig Lynn // Filament PD
Play isn’t as innocent as it looks, gamification and play can be a serious design tool in the development introduction and adoption of new technologies that can empower and enable behaviour change in everyone’s lives.

From tackling big global challenges the likes of climate change; adapting to shifting market conditions or simply providing better education into the origin and source of materials, cross generational play through clever UI/UX can be employed by design teams to help develop better solutions that can have a positive impact on people and the planet.

11:20am // Sustainable materials: A step in the right direction
Charlotte Jones // Callum
Callum - Charlotte JonesAs the circular economy becomes central to future design, and sustainability at the core of future materials choices, Charlotte will discuss how design and engineering studio CALLUM is helping clients navigate this transition.

Considering human, social, economic or environmental benefits, she will cover how designers can challenge the use of more conventional materials traditionally found in automotive with sustainable alternatives, whether that is colour, texture, or story of a material.

Using specific examples Charlotte will outline the responsibility of designers to nudge decision makers into more sustainable choices.

11:40am // Enhancing the user experience of your products
Nick Chubb // IDC
Usability is all about increasing the quality of interaction between people and products. That’s it. Anticipating the safety needs of a product is only one half of it. The other half is not so much about regulation, but building in pleasing user interactions from the very beginning and making the product more satisfying to use.

Positive word of mouth is essential to having long-lasting success in the market, and it isn’t achieved without a commitment to sweating the details on user experience.

This talk guides users through the considerations and approaches to help enhance the user experience of products in our design projects.

Altair workshop - 12.45pm

12:45pm // Accelerating Product Development with Simulation Driven Design

In this workshop, led by Chris Sambell, Application Engineer, Altair, discover how the Altair Inspire suite can accelerate simulation-driven design throughout the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to reality. See a live demonstration of how Inspire can be used to create, optimise, and study innovative, structurally efficient parts and assemblies.

Topics covered: This live demonstration will include:

1.       Introduction to the Altair Inspire suite for Simulation Driven Design.

2.       Geometry import and creation of an optimisation design space.

3.       Static loading for structural analysis and optimisation

4.       Dynamic load extraction to run structural analysis and optimisation

Lunch and Exhibition (Octagon)
1.15pm to 2.00pm

Visualisation / VR stream - 2.00pm

2:00pm // Stop emulating cameras in visualisation; emulate human vision instead!
Robert Pepperell // Fovotec
Fovotec - RobertMany people assume that cameras accurately represent the world as we see it. But there are many ways in which this is not true.

Think of the times when you’ve tried to photograph a huge mountain or large building only for it to look tiny and insignificant in the shot. This happens because cameras are designed to capture light onto a flat sensor. Humans use the light they capture to build a meaningful image of the world in their brains.

Until now the only way to emulate this human visual experience was manually in painting and drawing, which is exactly what many artists have done throughout history. Yet, with recent advances in 3D graphics technology and in our scientific knowledge of vision, we are able to better emulate some of the features of human vision in 3D graphics. This talk will show how.

2:20pm // Squeezing more performance out of 3D software for free
Rob Jamieson // AMD
Everyone wants their workstation to go faster, even more so if it doesn’t cost you a dime. AMD’s Rob Jamieson will introduce a new graphics driver for AMD Radeon Pro professional GPUs that promises to dramatically improve 3D performance in Dassault Systèmes Solidworks and several other OpenGL-based 3D applications.

Most importantly, the re-architected driver (AMD Software: Pro Edition 22.Q3) works with current generation and older generation Radeon Pro GPUs, so it can give your ageing workstation a new lease of life.

Rob Jamieson will also introduce a new generation of Lenovo ThinkStation desktop workstations and Lenovo ThinkPad mobile workstations with powerful AMD technology at their heart.

2:40pm // More than design reviews - taking VR to another level
Paul Rose // Virtalis

Rose will discuss how manufacturing companies use the Virtalis platform for a wide range of projects, from design reviews and layout planning to training and maintenance, by talking through a number of customer success stories.

3:00pm // How KeyShot fits into the workflow of design consultancy, Astheimer Design
Carsten Asteheimer // Asteheimer Design
Astheimer - CarstenAstheimer Design is a design consultancy focused on developing mobility solutions for a sustainable future, working with OEMs and startups alike, from initial concepts through to production. The product development process is iterative, and the ability to visualize the state of play of CAD models in all phases of the process, quickly and effectively, helps decision making both in house and with the client. KeyShot is a great software to get very quick illustrations of the design intent for decision making purposes. We use this software across a broad range of projects throught the product development process.

KeyShot has its pros and cons like any other visualization software. In this talk, Asteheimer will look into the role that it plays in the design process of Astheimer Design.

Coffee and Exhibition
3.00pm to 4.10pm

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