Physical Digital

Stand: 62

Physical Digital® is the UK’s longest-established and leading service provider of the globally-respected GOM high accuracy 3D optical metrology systems. 3D measurement and inspection is a vital element of product development, enabling designers to bring products to market faster, reduce costs and raise quality.

Our award-winning company supplies clients with high-accuracy 3D measurement data for a range of design industry applications, including concept modelling, film, engineering design, art history, furniture and museum exhibitions.

With 40 years’ combined experience in 3D metrology, our expert team provides 3D scanning of objects ranging in size from under 10mm up to 25+ metres. We generate highly-accurate scan data in various formats for product development, 3D printing, design, production, inspection, reverse engineering and other CAE applications.

Our in-house design engineering team provides an extensive reverse engineering service, creating 3D computer aided design (CAD) models from the captured scan data from a physical object or assembled parts. This process converts the measured data into models based on geometrical and complex curved surfaces. The expertise of our dedicated CAD engineers enables designers to improve prototypes, reduce errors and speed up the production cycle.

Visit Stand 62 to discuss your project or to see our demonstration of 3D scanning and reverse engineering. For professional, highly accurate and responsive 3D non-contact scanning, whether at your site or ours, choose Physical Digital for your design project.

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