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Iceotope is the home of cutting edge liquid cooling technology.

Founded in 2005, Iceotope specialises in flexible fan-less cooling solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC), Edge of Network, and Data Centre facilities.  Based in Sheffield, UK, and backed by strategic venture capital, Iceotope’s corporate Investors include; OMBU Group and Aster Capital; a strategic investor representing Schneider Electric and Solvay.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our patented technology delivers greater efficiency – occupying less space, creating less noise, demanding less cost and, crucially, consuming less energy.

Offering both rack-based and workstation systems, Iceotope products deliver enhanced power for CAD/CAM/CAE workflows without sacrificing the additional floor space that traditional systems require.

The removal of fans adds greater flexibility, scalability and whisper-quiet computing to maximise performance. Iceotope’s innovative cooling technology fully immerses heat-generating IT components into a sealed blade with safe, non-flammable coolant, allowing space, noise and cost-optimisation.