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ESI UK at theDevelop3D Live Show

Come and visit ESI’s newest VR technology.

Looking to showcase the current activity within the world of industrial visualisation, ESI UK will present IC.IDO with a Head Mounted Display (HMD) on a HTC Vive.

Virtual Reality has been used by the world’s leading Automotive OEM’s for over a decade, come and try IC.IDO the virtual engineering tool and how HMD’s could benefit your design process and business today.

Why Immersive Virtual Engineering on HMD?

Designs might “look good on paper” and onscreen but problems are always found during the initial prototype build phases. Conducting virtual reality reviews of your 3D CAD product and process during the normal project creation gateways allows more than just viewing your 3D CAD data at 1:1 scale.

Take the opportunity to see first-hand how engineers over the world are using VR to evaluate their designs virtually to understand integration issues and make decisions to common engineering questions:

  • Will operators be able to access the needed components during build and service?

  • What sequence for assembly or disassembly will be best for production and service?

  • Can the product be reached once it is installed?

  • How will operators handle the product during manufacturing processes?

  • Is it comfortable to work with and handle the product during operation, service, or assembly?

We look forward to seeing you!

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