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Product: Powerful virtual workspaces instantly with GDaaS

Take your high-powered workspace with you wherever you go. Belgian technology start-up Cloudalize brings the industry-leading GDaaS (GPU-accelerated Desktop-as-a-Service) to market. The technology radically simplifies the deployment of most powerful virtual workspaces, including data-hungry high-end applications.

With the launch of GDaaS, Cloudalize offers a scalable total solution for high-end cloud collaboration in engineering, design and manufacturing. GDaaS outperforms current solutions such as traditional GPU-accelerated (hosted) VDIs and reduces overall operational costs.

Anyone can set up collaborative workspaces instantly with GDaaS, using its fully automated portal, which makes it as easy as creating a Facebook account. This cutting-edge Cloud solution represents a significant step forward, as current technology and business practices require months of intensive IT expertise and significant capital investment.

Engineers, designers and architects can now truly collaborate with CAD, CAE, 3D, GIS or any other graphics-intensive applications anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device with an Internet connection.

What’s more, the GDaaS platform is future proof and easily scalable. Occasional users will be able to access the platform with a pay-as-you-consume billing model. For instance, it will even be possible to “rent” a Revit workstation for just a few hours.

GDaaS has been designed to be marketed through channel partners such as software vendors, service providers, telecoms and system integrators. Partners can use and resell the GDaaS Platform under their own brand (white label).

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