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Canon offers a unique proposition to meet your 3D printing needs. With our heritage of supplying cutting edge technology solutions to leading companies across the globe Canon can support the development of your 3D printing capabilities. We support you through best in class products and service with a commitment to develop the future of the 3D printing industry.

The development of skills and knowledge is critical in maximising the benefits of 3D printing technology. Canon’s team of application engineers and skilled technicians can provide the support your needs to develop new capabilities and to successfully enhance your 3D printing proficiency.

As product lifecycles become shorter and requirements for customisation expand, demand for key 3D printing applications such as modelling, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing is becoming increasingly dynamic. Our pan-European supply network ensures that you have the materials you need to manage peaks in demand and deliver your projects. With our European-wide service coverage you can be assured that in the event of a problem, a skilled technician will be on hand to support you.